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Services We Offer

  • Consultation
  • This step is meant to put the designer and the client on the same wavelength. We will work with you closely to incorporate your ideas into the site. Our flexibility allows you to put as much or as little input as you desire. We will determine together what features your site will require.

  • Design/Re-Design

  • Once our designers have your ideas and expectations, the design process begins. We start by putting the ideas together and coming up with some sample designs. These sample designs include basic site layout, features, and graphics. Once the client chooses a design, the rest of the site will be created. The process works much the same way if we are re-designing your site. We can change as much or as little as you prefer.

  • Implementation

  • After the site has been created, it must be implemented. This process includes registering a domain name, finding hosting, and search engine registration. Many design services charge setup fees for these services or even leave them for you to complete. This is not a characteristic of professionals. We set up and maintain all of these features for you.

    A domain name is a website address. (Example:
    You are free to choose any domain name that you wish, as long as it has not already been purchased.

    A hosting service is a company that stores your website on the internet, allowing anyone to access your site. When finding a host, speed and reliability are the two most important factors. We work closely with our hosting service to set your site up in a timely fashion, ussually within 48 hours. We also guarantee that your site will load quickly and barely ever have downtime.

    Search engine registration is the last part of the implementation step. It is also perhaps the most important step, after all, there is no purpose in having a website if no one can find it. Our experience allows us to create websites that are capable of achieving high placement on the internet's top search engines. We take care of the registration for you.

  • Maintenance

  • Every site has different needs. Once your site is up and running, we won't leave you out in the cold. We will work with you during the consultation to determine if your site is going to require weekly, monthly, or yearly updates. This is another aspect where our flexibility is quite convenient. We are willing to set up update packages so that you wont be paying an arm and a leg to make a few adjustments. We are also here for you when your site needs to grow.

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